We produce a range of compressed cellulose sponges for sport / outdoor activities.

Marathon runners expect to find sponges at cooling stations, and whilst providing comfort to the athletes, sponsors have the opportunity to brand the compressed sponges with their logos, or other brand communication.

For camping and other outdoor activities our compressed sponges are a space saving and essential accessory.

Our compressed, expanding, cellulose sponges are also ideal for use in boats & life rafts as a means of bailing out water & drying the inside of the boat. Bailing buckets will get a lot of water out of the boat, but they tend to leave a fair amount of water which our sponges are ideal for soaking up. Our compressed cellulose sponges can also be used in survival suits and submarine escape suits etc. Compressed cellulose sponges take up very little space & add very little weight.

We can also print bespoke designs, logos, safety instructions, warning messages or emergency contact details etc, onto our compressed cellulose sponges. We offer one colour screen printing and up to full colour transfer printing.

We can produce sponges of various bespoke shapes & sizes. Please find a selection of our standard sport / outdoor / boating sponges below for your reference.