We offer a range of compressed cellulose sponges and dry cellulose sponge cloth for use in laboratories and for medical applications. The sponges and cloth are free of biocides and are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and thicknesses.

Dry cellulose sponge cloth is available in yellow and with a thickness of approx. 4 mm when hydrated. The compressed cellulose sponges can be cut to bespoke shapes & sizes, and are available in yellow or natural white (ecru), in thicknesses of 14, 15 & 26 mm (when hydrated).

The compressed sponges and dry cloth are used in a range of medical applications, including electrotherapy and microbiological testing.

Our compressed cellulose sponges are also commonly used in the transportation of test tubes & vials.

As we can produce compressed cellulose sponges of various bespoke shapes and sizes, we can tailor the sponges to ensure that they absorb all of the leaked liquid, in the event of the test tubes breaking during transit. We can also print messages or logos onto the sponges – this can be used for branding purposes, or to convey warnings etc.

As a guideline, a compressed cellulose sponge circle, 55mm diameter x 35mm thick (once expanded) will absorb, and retain, approx. 25ml of water.