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Industrial Sponges

We manufacture a range of custom designed, moist or compressed, industrial and DIY sponges including floor mops and floor mop refills, soldering sponges, decorating sponges and sponge cloth products. These can be produced in a choice of colours and to various bespoke sizes, shapes or designs. Please find a few examples below for reference. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.

Decorator Sponge
Available in different dimensions and colours.
The item shown is
140 x 95 x 35mm
Dry Sponge Cloth
Can be produced in almost any shape or size.
The item shown is
200 x 180 x 4mm
Lateral Stick Sponge
Compressed stick sponges can be produced in various dimensions.
Approximate size of item shown is:
Compressed - 120 x 5 x 35mm
Expanded - 135 x 95 x 37mm
Soldering Sponges
Available in different dimensions and colours.