We offer both single colour screen printing, and up to full colour transfer printing, onto our compressed cellulose sponges.

Customers are required to provide the final artwork, ideally as an editable PDF file.

Standard ink range for 1 colour screen printing:

The colours shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Printing Information

We try to ensure that the above inks are always in stock but please contact us to check availability.

Other colours are available & charged at cost. Typical charges are approx £30.00p for a tester pot & £60.00p for a 1ltr tin. Please note that beige sponge will make ink colours look slightly darker.

Minimum text size for screen printed sponges is 12pt bold. Some finer fonts may need to be increased in size. The maximum print area for compressed flat sponges is generally 10mm from each edge of the sponge.

Cellulose sponges are printed on one side only. For a one colour print we recommend screen printing. For more colours we recommend transfer printing.

Transfer Printing Information.

The benefits of transfer printing include: 
Images can be printed up to full colour.
No screen charges apply. Multiple images can be produced for a single order.
Images can reach to the edge of the sponge & even bleed off the edge if required.
Finer detail and smaller text than screen printing can be achieved with transfer printing.
Transfer printed samples can be quickly produced, & with minimal cost, if pre-production samples are required.

We can transfer print the following types of sponge;
Compressed flat sponges, 15, 20, 25 & 35mm thick (when expanded). Available colour: beige.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.