We produce compressed & moist (expanded) cellulose car sponges of various bespoke shapes, sizes & colours, designed specifically for the car industry. We also produce dry cellulose sponge cloth products, which are ideal for detail cleaning, wiping or polishing inside the car. Sponge cloth can also be used as a drying chamois on the outside of the car, & for condensation removal or general cleaning on the inside of the car.


Cellulose sponges are ideal for ensuring an even spread during polish application, making them more economical than other methods of applying polish. Our “S-shape” cellulose sponge is ergonomically designed to fit the hand, making polish application more comfortable.
Cleaning: Cellulose sponge absorbs and retains much more water than most other types of sponge, which helps to conserve water, and makes cleaning and washing more efficient and economical.


Our compressed (expanding) cellulose sponges can be printed with almost any bespoke design, logo or message. This makes them ideal for promoting your company brand or logo, with a unique & practical product which can be used again & again.

Please find a few of our standard products below for reference. If you are interested in something different, or your own bespoke design, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.