About Suvic Products Limited

Suvic Products Limited was established in 1991 as a manufacturer of high quality moist and compressed cellulose sponge products. All of our sponge products are exclusively manufactured in our factory in the UK and are environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable, machine washable and can also be autoclave treated.

Whilst we already have an extensive range of products and dimensions available in our portfolio of cellulose sponges, our strength is in manufacturing bespoke products to meet specific customer needs.

Throughout the years the company has continuously upgraded its processes and remains one of only a small number of manufacturers worldwide, which can offer both compressed and moist cellulose sponge products for a wide range of applications and industries. We work closely with our customers on finding solutions to their individual requirements, and our processes include screen & transfer printing, labelling, wrapping and laminating. As part of our customer service we also offer a full contract packing operation.

With our highly trained staff, well equipped factory and adaptability to new designs and processes, we continuously strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations.