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Oil absorbing granules

FLUISORB® Oil absorbing granules from Suvic Products LtdFLUISORB® absorbs spilled fluids such as heating oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, biodiesel, petrol, kerosene, and many fluid chemicals, quickly and thoroughly.

FLUISORB® oil absorbing granules, consisting of natural cellulose and cotton fibres. FLUISORB® is a mixed product consisting of cotton (30%) and regenerated cellulose (70%). The Latter is produced from natural wood fibres.

FLUISORB® is both natural and efficient. Due to its’ mixture of dry, precisely harmonised and preconditioned FLUISORB® granules, it ensures instant absorption of Hydrocarbons and secure retention of the pollutant in the binding agent.

FLUISORB® is supplied in 5kg (45.5L) bags. The content of each 5kg bag will bind approximately 30L of oil.

FLUISORB® Oil absorbing granules from Suvic Products LtdHow FLUISORB® works:
FLUISORB® stores Hydrocarbons through absorption. The FLUISORB® granules absorbs instantly and then transfers the absorbed fluid into the pores of the binding agent where the fluid is stored sustainably. FLUISORB® Exhibits a high ratio of surface to mass. This way, fluids are quickly and sustainably removed from surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly:
Compared to synthetic fibres manufactured on the basis of crude oil, the production process of generated cellulose has a significantly lower impact on the increase of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, and therefore the greenhouse effect.
The renewable raw materials used to produce FLUISORB® are completely biodegradable, and fully decompose in a residue-free manner, in their non-contaminated state.

The benefits of FLUISORB® include:
• Extremely high absorption capacity: 1 kg FLUISORB® binds 5.64 l Light heating oil.
• A binding agent for all fluids (apart from concentrated acids).
• 100% biodegradable in a non-contaminated state.
• Contains the extra power to absorb biodiesel.
• Surface of the absorbed material is reduced.
• Not oxidising – anti-flammable properties.
• Relieves and protects the environment.
• Environmentally-friendly production.
• Excellent efficiency and cost savings.
• Easy to handle and very lightweight.
• Consists of renewable raw material.
• Very fast absorption speed.

FLUISORB® can be safely used on the road. The FLUISORB® granules takes effect deep into the road surface.
FLUISORB® not only protects the environment, the bright yellow colouring of the packaging can be seen at distance, both day and night, and can help alert road users to a possible hazard.
Fast and sustainable absorption of pollutants significantly reduces the working time and strain on the emergency services. The large absorption capacity and reduced weight of the material significantly reduces physical strain on staff, as well as disposal and transport costs.
FLUISORB® is suitable for absorbing all low to high viscosity fluids (except for concentrated acids) including: diesel, heating oil, hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, petrol, special oil, cooking oils, lubricants, bases, solvents, emulsions, paints, and many more.

Upon disposal, only a small amount of combustion residue remains: approximately 2%. An excellent energy yield is therefore possible. FLUISORB® is not a hazardous substance and, according to the ordinance on Hazardous Substances / EU, does not require mandatory labelling. The raw materials used to produce FLUISORB® are completely biodegradable and decompose in a residue-free manner, in their non-contaminated state.

Business customers are welcome to buy FLUISORB® directly from us (please note that we are unable to accept credit / debit card payments). Alternatively, FLUISORB® can be purchased from Amazon (UK). Please  CLICK HERE. to visit the FLUISORB® product page on the Amazon website.

FLUISORB® is made in Germany by Kalle GmbH. To see more information regarding FLUISORB® on the Kalle website, please CLICK HERE. – (content can be viewed in German or English).